Don't waste
food, start sharing.
Edible is a mobile app for sharing your surplus food. The idea is to find out what's near you, for example, household groceries which are no longer of use to someone, yet they are still perfectly good. Much of this food is destined for the bin when it could be put to better use!
Post your surplus food!
Firstly, snap a good photo of the food that is up for grabs to your neighbours and community members. Add a name and an honest description of the item, so that others know exactly what they are getting. Don’t forget to let your requester know what time you will be available. Then simply select “Post Listing” and wait for a request in your messages.
Posting your food, instead of it going to waste, will take us one step closer to reducing the amount of household food wastage that we throw in our bins everyday.
Find food in your area!
Browse for food in your area or add your filters if you are looking for a specific item. Check out the user’s profile in case they have more than one item you may wish to take of their hands. To request a item, select the post and send the lister a friendly message. From here, you can organise a collection time and a location as to where you wish meet.
If you enjoyed the item of food that you received, why not give them a rating. Now it’s time to feel good that you have taken part in this battle against food waste!
What are the benefits?
Saves Money
Reduces Waste
Promotes Sharing
Helps Charities
“You waste life when you waste good food.”
- Katherine Anne Porter
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